Arrival manual

In order to facilitate your stay, we offer you the following instructions

Check in: 4pm
Check out: 11am

Arrival route

Mun Tulum is right at the entrance to Tulum, the access is next to “Boxito”, a large brown and white store.

You will enter through a jungle path and less than 0.1 miles (150 meters) at the end of the street on the left side you will find access to the condominium.

Mun Tulum has 24/7 security, it is important to identify yourself
when you arrive and mention that you are renting at Mun Tulum 302.
If you rented a car or have visitors with a car, the apartment has one assigned parking space.

At the end of the street, you will see several black doors, as soon as you see the ones with the number 302 you will have found the parking lot.


Before you enter the building and the apartment, please take a photo of the meter for department 302.

The meters are located right where the apartments begin and where the houses end.

At the bottom of the meter, you will see the number 302, and take a picture.

At the end of your stay please take another photo to the meter.

Please send us your 2 photos through the airbnb application with
which we can calculate the total kilowatts you used and therefore
calculate your total consumption.

The cost is $ 5mexican pesos per kilowatt consumed
(about 23 US cents or 20 euro cents).
The average consumption is 30 kilowatts per day.

At the end of your stay we will send you a payment order through airbnb with your total consumption.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to send the photos of the meter at your checkout.

If the photos are not sent within 24 hours after departure, a payment order will be sent for the average consumption plus 50%.


When you see the number 302 on the black metal doors, look to your left and you will find the access door.
That door is regularly open, however if it is closed, on your right side you will find a keybox, enter the code 1240, on the left side of the numbers you will see a small black lever, lower it patiently and it will open the box with the key.
VERY IMPORTANT, you have to put the key back in the same box, close it and erase the code. As soon as you get to department 302, you will find a set of keys that includes the one that opens the main door of the building.

When you get to department 302, enter the code 1965 in the keybox or safe following the same procedure as at the main door, only in this case you can keep the keys.


Network: ATT_Internet_En_Casa_CD4C
Password: HBMN7F97FDG

Safety box

The safe works with the key located in the apartment key set.

Air Conditioners

The Penthouse has a system which automatically turns off the air conditioner if the windows remain open or if the system detects that there are no people in the apartment for more than 15 minutes

It can happen that the windows “appear” to be closed and the air conditioning turns off for no apparent reason. If that happens it is because the windows are NOT completely hermetically closed.

This system aims to consume less electricity, which benefits the planet and your pocket.


Whenever you stay with us you will receive the penthouse clean, disinfected and in optimal conditions. At your stay we receive you with a courtesy starter kit that includes:
– 1 bottle with 1.3 gallons (5 liters) of wáter
– 3 toilet paper rolls
– 2 additional garbage bags
– 1 big cleaning paper roll
– Napkins

If you require cleaning service during your stay you can have it for 25usd per day.

Home appliances


To turn on the TV , use the remote control located on the coffee table


Leave the symbol pressed until the red light comes on.
Use the + and – symbols to increase or decrease the intensity, being 0 (zero) off and 9 (nine) máximum heat.

Coffee maker

To use the coffee maker, place a filter on the top. Add 2 tablespoons of coffee for each cup if you like strong coffee, 1 tablespoon if you want a light coffee.

Fill the coffee jar with wáter, the White lines shows you how many cups of wáter your placing into the coffeemaker.


The rooftop has sundecks and a pool.
If you use it at night, the light can be turned on with the button located on the wooden post.

Supermarkets and convenience stores

To buy food and ítems here are the locations of the nearest convenience stores and supermarket.

Check out

At the end of your stay, please at least rinse and if possible wash the dishes. This will prevent bad odors.
Leaving dishes and glasses free will help us maintain the good hygiene standards necessary in these difficult times for everyone.

Remember to leave everything turned off and put the keys in the safebox or key safe when you leave, close it, and delete the code.

Thank you for visiting Mun Tulum!